These are testimonials from our workshops. Teachers are grouped by grade level. Choose your level of interest from the options, and click on it immediately below.

Teachers K-12

Classroom Teachers
Elementary P.E. Specialists
Middle School P.E. Specialists
High School P.E. Specialists
Other P.E. Specialists K-12

Classroom Teachers



“Most summer classes evoke some moans and groans, but not this one. I looked forward to every single day. See you next year!” (DeAnn Bennett, Medford Sch. Dist)

“Wonderful Class! Best Class I have ever taken!” (Nicole Stanfield, Scio Sch. Dist)

“This class has been so wonderful. Being a classroom teacher, I was out of my comfort zone being with all PE teachers. I learned many games that can be used in the classroom to teach cooperation, social skills, etc. that I will look forward to playing with my kids.” (Annette Bacon, Portland Sch. Dist)

“Dennis, you are a great PE teacher for us classroom teachers! You have helped me to love teaching PE!” (Marcia Fecteau, Substitute Teacher)

“Great class! Can’t wait to teach P.E. next year!” (Melissa Fealey, Medford Sch.Dist)

“I was always struggling to think of a fun, and interactive PE lesson/activity. Now I feel so confident. I’m looking forward to teaching PE.” (Kandice Rossi, Medford Sch.Dist)

“Great class! Thanks for the support, encouragement and great ideas!” (Sandra Anderson, Medford Sch.Dist)

“The variety of activities and materials was amazing. I’ll pass on the love to my first graders.” (Kimber Guthrie, Three Rivers Sch.Dist)

“This was the greatest class. I think ALL certified and classified should take it!” (Diane Carlton, Three Rivers Sch.Dist)

“This is the third year that I have taken a summer course from you, and ALL have been stimulating, inspirational, and most of all, useful.” (Jeffery Synder, Olympia Sch.Dist)

“This class was SO amazing! I’ve learned so much about how to make PE a more safe, fun, and fair experience for ALL kids, and ALL levels of skill. Instead of dreading PE days, I’m going to LOVE them!” (Cathy Gerritsma, Medford Sch.Dist)

“Awesome! I wish other subject area would apply the same amount of learner participation!” (Spencer Stanfield, Albany Sch.Dist)

“I am actually excited to return to the gym and teach PE to my 3rd graders. I can’t wait to try all of the activities I have learned!” (Jessica Silva, Medford Sch.Dist)

“This class will help our whole school conduct high yeild physical education!” (Shaun Hardy, Three Rivers Sch.Dist)

“Such a fast, great week. I will be back for another fun week!!” (Kari Henson, Substitute Teacher)

“Thanks so much for making PE fun!” (Andrea Newman, Medford Sch.Dist)

“Dennis, thank you for establishing such a fun enviornment.” (Dawn Shinn, Green Mountain Sch. Dist.)

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Elementary School P. E. Specialists



“This is a delightful class that is one of my high points every year. I love the enthusiasm, the gentleness, the emphasis on fun and the friendliness of you, Dennis.” (Ken Hemmen, St. Mark School)

“As always, the class was fun, energetic, fast-paced & I enjoyed all the activities. This is the most fabulous class that I take each year.” (Julie Johnson, La Conner Sch. Dist)

“I don’t have any regrets giving up a week of vacation. It will be worth the time spent when I can go into the school year with weeks of activities ready to go.” (Monica Edwards, Edmonds Sch.Dist)

“Out of all the conferences, workshops, and classes, THIS IS THE BEST!!” (Debbie Briscoe, Highline Sch.Dist)

“Thank you so much for the learning community with PE collegues! It is always FUN to collaborate and share.” (Fernell Miller, Northshore Sch.Dist)Fernell Miller, Northshore Sch.Dist)

“This was the best class I have taken in a very long time. At least 98% of it I can use whenI begin teaching PE this Fall. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm. It’s been a GREAT week!” (Lisa Baretta, Everett Sch.Dist)

“This class is always applicable to teaching in lots of different situations!” (Chris Gonzales, Kent Sch.Dist)

“I’m always looking for new ideas and you give me that with a smile. Fun Times!” (Alicia Geoghagan, Northshore Sch.Dist)

“The variety adds just enough new to my old to spice up gym time for my kids.” (Mindy Dalziel, Shoreline Sch.Dist)

“I thought this class was amazing! Dennis presents the information in a fun, thorough manner.” (Steve Duston, Bellevue Sch.Dist)

“This is the most fun I have ever had earning clock hours.” (Laura Keeton, Northshore Sch.Dist)

“I always appreciate the work, effort, and thought you put into the profession.” (Tom Ortmer, Hockinson Sch.Dist)

“Best class ever-loved every minute and will be back next year.” (Kristi Olson, Woodland Sch.Dist)

“FUN P.E. GUY has only gotten better!! This class is so organized, fun—and, a great place to meet people/collegues. Just the inspiration I needed!” (Katy Root, Battleground Sch.Dist)

“Greatly adds to the toolbox that you can draw from.” (Chris Benson, Bellingham Sch.Dist)

“This class is great! I always lean something new and have a wonderful time doing so. Thanks for all the years of FUN!” (Terry Schwartzkoph, Portland Sch.Dist)

“It is my favorite week of the summer and we always hate to see it end!” (Kristin McGee, Seattle Sch.Dist)

“Last year was my first year taking this class, and, also, my first year teaching PE. I don’t know what I would have done without the class. It was great and made my first year of teaching PE great as well.” (Brad Tenney, Shoreline Sch.Dist)

“PERFECTION to a “T”….See you next year–that’s a warning!” (Cathy Kinnaman, Winlock Sch.Dist)

“LOVE this class! So many great ideas to use in my class. Next year I will have a variety of fresh ideas!” (Colleen Richardson, Federal Way Sch.Dist)

“It was FANTASTIC! I use many of the games and activities every year I come.” (Glenn Stump, Stevenson/Carson Sch.Dist)

“THANK YOU for making this week not only comfortable, but fun!” (Treasha Reeser, LaConner Sch.Dist)

“The best workshop, best teacher, best activities, the most fun week!” (Glenn Jones, Vancouver Sch.Dist)

“I have attended the class before. It was fabulous then, and it was even more fabulous this time. The learnings we get from your class in such a fun way are so memorable. Our students benefit from them immensely. This workshop provides a professional enviornment with a personal touch.” (Monika Dewan, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India)

“Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful and useful workshop. It was well organized and we are taking back lots of ideas for our PE classes. I enjoyed it fully, and would like to come back again and again.” (Madhe Kapoor, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India)

“I look forward to this class every year, for the great activities, exercise, and interaction with fellow PE teachers.” (Kristi Davis, University Place Sch.Dist)

“Best class/Inservice I have taken as a PE teacher. Great ideas for lessons and equipment.” (Kevin Meyers, Kent Sch.Dist)

“What an AMAZING class! Your delivery of exciting and innovative activities makes this class so much fun”. (Lori Hahn, Olympia Sch.Dist)

“It is my favorite week of the whole year. The skills and friendships built are the best part.” (Teresa Kemink, Lake Pend Oreille Sch.Dist)

“This is my third year taking this class. it motivates me for the next year and makes me so glad I’m a PE teacher.” (Stacie Jones, Fife Sch.Dist)

“Taking this class has given me a fresh enthusiasm to share new games and to be creative in making equipment which otherwise would not be in my PE budget. I highly reccomend this class to any PE instructor K-12. There is definitely something for everyone. Dennis, you are a superior teacher. Thank you for being such a great role model for us all.” (Cindy Gier, Life Christian Academy)

“This was a wonderful week! Truely great to meet and get to know so many wonderful teachers from around the USA and world!!” (Sandy Tesch, Renton Sch.Dist)

“I had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to teach my students some new skills.” (Kristina Vanaman, Pasco Sch.Dist)

“I liked that we changed activites often, a good variety. Thank you-very well organized class and FUN!” (Lynne Reder, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“I enjoyed the activities, and how I can vary the skills in the activites.” (Victor A. Rodriguez, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“Thanks again for an enjoyable week! It is so nice to be able to make equipment cheaply, since we have such limited budgets!” (Linda Overbo, Highline Sch.Dist)

“I really liked the fast-paced feel to this course.” (Erin Newton, Bethel Sch.Dist)

“Thanks for the fun-filled workshop. I am excited to go back and try these with my kids. And, thanks for all those innovative ideas to create PE equipment.” (Atul Sharma, American Embassy, New Delhi, India)

“I really enjoy how informed the class is and how friendly all of the participants are. All of the activities that I have experienced in this class have been presented in a clear way that makes me feel that I can reproduce them easily in my teaching enviornment.” (Wes Davis, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“This was certainly the definition of an active class. That sure is the greatest way to learn. Thanks so much for the wealth of ideas and inpiration.” (Duane Meyer, Highline Sch.Dist)

“Dennis is a Master Teacher! Every PE instructor will benefit trementously from his class. Best PE class I have ever taken.” (Rick Harris, Newberg Sch.Dist)

“I do not believe that there is any other class/workshop available that gives PE teachers or classroom teachers assigned to teach PE, such a wide range of activities in such a short period of time. If you have not taken this course and you are working with kids in activity based settings, you are truly missing out on a wealth of knowldge and fun for your kids.” (Michael Charette, Grants Pass Sch.Dist)

“A great class to learn about new ideas to impliment in my gym.” (Ralph Van Delden, Grants Pass Sch.Dist)

“I had am absolute blast! So many ideas and so little time.” (Carl Conzaiti, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“The excitement in this class is as good as CHRISTMAS. My students love the games.” (Debbie Fields, Osborn Sch.Dist, Phoenix, AZ)

“This is the most useful class I have ever participated in, and the information is all easy to incorporate into my own classroom. The instruction with Dennis is so useful in helping to expand my teaching abilities. I look forward to this class every summer. The skills and knowledge I gain from this course inspires me to be a better teacher.” (Carol Steinmetz, Nyssa Sch.Dist)

Dennis is such a great, energetic, and funny instructor. I love how this class brings the fun into the gym.” (Nonglack Dodson, David Douglas Sch.Dist)

“Best class I have ever taken!” (Jennifer White, Pasco Sch.Dist)

“I wish I had taken one of your courses when I taught High School PE. I will definitely encourage secondary teachers to take this.” (Marci Jenson, Everett Sch.Dist)

“Once again, loved every minute of it!” (Brian Norman, Mukilteo Sch.Dist)

“This class has been so helpful and informational. I especially enjoyed actually playing the games rather than just sitting and listening. The variety was fantastic.” (Lauren Shaw, Oregon Episcopal School)

“So fun to begin my teaching year with some new games!” (Aleen Berard (Port Townsend Sch.Dist)

“My favorite part to all these FUN PE classes is that I can…”see it, do it, and go use the lessons”. If I forget it, or any of the steps to the lesson, I have the book AND the DVD for a visual.” (Bob Hoare, Mount Vernon Sch.Dist)

“Love, Love, Love the class! Lots of great ideas and a great way to get to know other professionals.” (Judy Meyer, Nooksack Sch.Dist)

“I really enjoyed this class! Dennis has great energy and enthusiasm!” (Sue Van Wyhe, Lake Stevens Sch.Dist)

“Thank you for an amzing week! I use your games throughout the school year, and my students LOVE them!” (Jenny McCourtie, Othello Sch.Dist)

“I enjoyed everything about this class.” (Tracie Lease, Bellingham Christian)

“Thank you for another idea filled week! This is how I start my school year each September-with new, motivating, inclusive, energetic games from this class.” (Susie Crosby, Shoreline Sch.Dist)

“This class was lots of fun. great ideas to take back to the class.” (Maureen O’Brien, Monroe Sch.Dist)

“I LOVED this class! It is the BEST PE WORKSHOP compared to all the other ones. The games/activities are AWESOME!” (Katy Josee, Lake Stevens Sch.Dist)

“Always an enjoyable class! The new ideas make me look forward to the start of school.” (Bill Niegemann, Mukilteo Sch.Dist)

“I most appreciate the way Dennis creates a culture of collaboration amongst the participants. I was the only one here from my school district and I never felt left out. I, also, appreciate the plethora of new ideas, improving my teaching and sports skill, the new connections, how well organized you BOTH are, and how this class/work is so much FUN.” (Jocelyn Flitton, Wenatchee Sch.Dist)

“The FUN PE GUY is a ‘MASTER of his CRAFT’. His classes inspire and benefit PE teachers.” (Noel Strand, Bainbridge Island Sch.Dist)

“This course continues to be filled with innovative ideas and creative ways to motivate students to be successful and be excited about PE!” (Neill Twigg, Hillsboro Sch.Dist)

“POSITIVE CLASS-good team building, a nice way to learn new games, a good way to re-charge the batteries.” (George Spaulding, Vernonia Sch.Dist)

“This class is perfect for my needs, and I appreciate the manner in which the information is given. Great job as usual!” (Shawn Cooke, Jefferson Sch.Dist)

‘FUN PE GUY—Fantastic, Unique, Nice, Peppy, Enthusiatic, Groovy, Unbelievable, Young! Love ya guys! FUN, FUN, FUN—the HIGHLIGHT of my SUMMER! (every summer)” (Kelly Wegner, Mt. Angel Sch.Dist)

“I always look forward to this class. I get to be a kid again and play!” (Sandy Zettlemoyer, Sherwood Sch.Dist)

“Once again, I leave with a tool box full of new games and activities that are fun, engaging for all students, and easy to implement. I have been to many conferences, and this one, by far, supercedes all others!” (Jenny Rose, Omak Sch.Dist)

“Highly recommend this class to ALL teachers!” (Lisa Miller, Sherwood Sch.Dist)

“Thank you for your continued enthusiasm in PE. It is inspiring to see.” (Natalie Hardin, Issaquah Sch.Dist)

“I like getting new ideas that I can use immediately!” (Kris Tjemsland, Bainbridge Island Sch.Dist)

“I had a great time, and learned a ton of fun activities that will make my elementary PE classes awesome!” (Tara Deebach, Tonasket Sch.Dist)

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the class as I have each time I’ve attended; so many great ideas, and my expectations are always exceded.” (Brian Bailey, St. Joseph Catholic)

“Amazing! This class was so fun, and I learned so much.” (Brian Bigham, Morrow County Sch.Dist)

“YOUR workshop is the only one that I took over 36 years in education where I was actually able to use SO many of the games and activities in my classes. You made them come to life and they made sense because WE had to participate” (Deb Closs, Tigard/Tualatin SD)

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“Best class for any teacher. You will never learn so mucn in a short period of time, and have fun every minute of it!” (Tara Thomas, Las Vegas Sch.Dist)

“This is the best P.E. class available to teachers. Ever year Dennis amazes me with how creative he is in teaching us new activities to take back to our students.” (Tom Fridge, Edmonds Sch.Dist)

“I have been teaching P.E. for 34 years, and you always bring new things I can use in my classes. You are truly a professional.” (Tony Gimene, Ollympia Sch.Dist)

“Fabulous class! It rejuvinated me!” (Todd Peterson, Lake Washington Sch.Dist)

“You are right about us being stingy with our summer, but this class is so FUN, and the in is so practical; I can’t imagine NOT coming!” (Krista Koivunen, North Marion Sch.Dist)

“Don’t change a thing! It was a BLAST………More useful information than a set of Encyclopedias!” (Christopher Pratt, Everett Sch.Dist)

“Looking for fun new games for your kids, well, this is the best workshop to inspire you. You will meet great people in your profession that you can connect with and share information.” (Lori Henry, Shoreline Sch.Dist)

“Thank you for your endless ideas of activities and games. As a new teacher I learned great new ways to teach skills, and creative proactive ways to keep my class engaged.” (Willow Shanahan, Rochester Sch.Dist)

“I never leave without a ton of new ideas to inject some energy into my school year.” (Bill Sobolewski, Battleground Sch.Dist)

“Fabulous fun and learning. Skills and thrills for everyone!” (Crystal Titus, Stanwood-Camano Sch.Dist)

“Very fun class! Looking forward to next year. PE people are a very energetic and fun group!” (Cathy McBride, Salem/Keizer Sch.Dist)

“Best workshop around for a Physical Education teacher! (Bill Murray, Shoreline Sch.Dist)

“Another great class! Just when I think I know all the PE activities, I learn 50 new things in one week.” (Kevin Keeney, North Marion Sch.Dist)

“I learn new activities every year-nice job!” (Kerry Crowston, Santiam Sch.Dist)

“I have loved this class every year. It is fun, and full of ideas to use during the school year.” (Janelle Steinmetz, Milton-Freewater Sch.Dist)

“I have enjoyed your class for the past 8 years! I have a lot of stuff I learned this week that will enrich my program immediately.” (Gavin Harris, Tigard-Tualatin Sch.Dist)

“I can’t wait to add all of these new activities into my classes this year. You did another amazing job!” (Krissy Kukar, Mt.Angel Sch.Dist)

“Truly a MASTER teacher!” (Chris Schlievert, Coquille Sch.Dist)

“You keep bringing it—-NEW, FUN, USEFUL materials to engage and get students moving. Physical Education teachers who have not taken your class are missing out!” (Todd Sewell, Phoenix-Talent Sch.Dist)

“Enjoyed the variety of games. Liked the practical ideas for making inexpensive equipemnt..” (Dan Montzingo, Everett Sch.Dist)

“I loved the class and learned MANY new games for next year. I will be back!” (Joan Weiss, Everett Sch.Dist)

“Very enjoyable and informative, useful info. It was GREAT!” (James Brown, Everett Sch.Dist)

“I’ve been coming to this class every year for over a decade. It’s a great way to get energized, with new ideas, for the coming school year.” (Ken Urban, Gresham-Barlow Sch.Dist)

“Another FANTASTIC Year!” (Scott Carnes, Grants Pass Sch.Dist)

“I love the friendly, laid back atmosphere. Always a fun time and a great learning experience.” (Candy Klein, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“I have been to this workshop several times before, and I always walk away with a new dance, game, or competitive activity that I can use. Thank ou so much for another fun, wonderul, and educational workshop! (Helen Balabanis, Sumner Sch.Dist)

“Great Class! Enjoyed all that was presented to us.” (Vince Guajardo, Pasco Sch.Dist)

“AWESOME CLASS! It was so much fun doing all the activites.” (Nisha Sethi, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India)

“I really appreciated the management strategies. I’ve taught Health for many years, but I’ve only taught PE for a few years, and classroom management is VERY different. It’s wonderful to learn new ways on how to manage the chaos!” (Jessica Morrish, Eatonville Sch.Dist)

“Always a pleasure to be young again and play games and build skills at the same time, without fear of failure.” (Khai Peirce, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“BEST CLASS EVER.” (Joe Martin, Kalama Sch.Dist)

“A very wonderful class—will take again next year!” (David Sibley, Vancouver Sch.Dist)

“Always a wonderful, helpful, practical, fun class!!” (Sherrie Crang-Geiger, Camas Sch.Dist)

“I LOVED this class! Exactly what I needed as a new Middle School PE Teacher, with 30+ years in the classroom and coaching at the High School. (Michael Grover, Mukilteo Sch.Dist)

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High School P. E. Specialists

“For the second year in a row, I’ve obtained many valuable teaching skills and games from this class. Best believe, I’ll be back in the future!” (Michael Clayton, Seattle Academy)

“I’ve been teaching a total of 34 years, and each time I take this class I get new ideas!” (Sue Ann Schneider, Estacada Sch.Dist)

“Dennis does a great job of breaking things down. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information to take back to my school.” (Jeff Leary, Mukilteo Sch.Dist)

“This class really breathes life back into the creative side of teaching, expecially if you’ve been in the game a long time.” (Dave Baughman, Tacoma Sch.Dist)

“This was an excellent class. I was glad to find things I can incorporate easily into what I do.” (Jody Stemkoski, Kalama Sch.Dist)

“Most Enjoyed: ideas with limited funds, activities for ALL GRADE LEVELS, compassion based instruction.” (Michelle Jacobsen, University Place Sch.Dist)

“TERIFIC CLASS!! Highly recommend this class to ALL teachers–not just PE teachers. (Jeff Olson, Medford Sch.Dist)




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Other P.E. Specialists K-12

“This was my first year, and I’ll definitely be back next year! As a teacher new to PE, I’ve gained years of experience in only 5 days, and it was enjoyable!” (Shawn MCulloch, Our Lady of Fatima)

“I just really enjoyed everything about this class.” (Tony Zandan, St. Theresa)

“I love this class because I ALWAYS learn new games, and gain new friends, which help me keep improving my curriculum, and motivates me to teach each year.” (Sheila Hanford, St. Alphonsus)

“I admire your creative spirit.” (Jon Wilson, Portland Sch.Dist)

“I’m always looking for new fun activitis for my K-8 PE classes, and this class doesn’t disappoint!” (Kelly Gray, St. John Fisher School)

“Dennis is AMAZING, and I love his class! The lessons he teaches, and his methods, are wonderful and extremely effective. He is truly a genuine teacher who really understands the craft of teaching PE and PE teachers! (Shirley Bocian, St. Monica)

“This was a great class! It gave me new ideas for fun games, and ideas how to change current games into more challenging games. Dennis is a great inspiration to current teachers.” (Anna Bernado, St. Luke)

“Thank you for another fun and inspiring week!” (Nick Burnett, Arthur Academy)

“The ‘hands-on learning’ approach was very helpful, fun, and effective. Everything you did, and the way you run the workshop is exceptional!” (Amy Cach, St. Paul the Apostle)

“I love how the games and activities can be adjusted/tweaked to work for all different grade levels. (Ashley Speer, St. John the Baptist)

“I will be a ‘GREAT P.E. TEACHER’ because of this class.” (Mitch Whitehurst, Portland, Sch.Dist)

“FUN, FUN, FUN ! That is what I felt each day during this workshop. (Kim Hendrickson, St. Rose Catholic)

“Thank you again for a wonderful week. It is my favorite week of the summer.” (Anna Casey, St. Cathedral Catholic)

“As usual, A GREAT CLASS, with many very talented teachers.” (Ben Sauvage, St. Anne School)

“Lots of great ideas.” (Kathy Budnick, St. Cecilia)

“As always, the best and most useful class I have ever taken. Thank you so much for giving me so many delightful activities to take back to my school. I am already getting excited to get back in the gym and teach!” (Michelle Christensen, Our Lady of the Lake)

“I enjoy the collaborative nature of the week where we learn games, and are able to give imput and teach each other.” (Eric Dresbeck, St. Bridget)

“This class has helped me with all grade levels in PE. It is really easy to learn the games, and know how to modify each game for Kindergarten through twelvth grade. I appreciate the way the class is setup, and how it is taught.” (Douglas Naugle, Camas Valley Sch.Dist)

“One of the best classes I have ever taken at any level. Also, the class pays for itself, and then some, with all the great money saving idea that Dennis gives on making your own PE equipment. I really look forward to taking the class again next year.” (Casey Williams, Klamath County Sch.Dist)




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Quotes from Administrators

“FUN GUY PE workshops have proved to be incredibly beneficial to the professional development of Puyallup School District fitness teachers while also contributing to the elementary physical education success we have experienced. I have attended many workshops, seminars and training sessions over my 37 years in education and I am amazed with the amount of information our teachers take away from Dennis Stands workshops. We have scheduled FUN GUY PE workshops for three consecutive years …and I have never ceased to be amazed with how Dennis utilizes a never ending selection of fitness games and group activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun. Mr. Stands makes available published booklets and DVD’s that continue to guide teachers well after he leaves. I recommend this program to everyone I know!” (Rick Wells, MA Ed., CMAA PSD Director of Health, Fitness & Athletics, Puyallup, WA)

“Over the past two years the Everett Public Schools has invited Dennis to provide training for the PE teachers at our elementary, middle and high schools. Dennis’s fun style and creative activities engage the teachers. The teachers report having a great time and they always leave with a few new things that they can incorporate when they get back to their students. We look forward to bringing Dennis back regularly”. (Robert Polk, Director of Athletics and Activities, Everett Public Schools, Everett, WA)

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