Fun P.E. Guy offers district inservice training throughout the school year. We are able to tailor these workshops to meet your specific needs in the area of physical education. As outlined on our home page, we cover six curriculum areas. We present a variety of activities in each area.


Inservices: $1500 per day, plus expenses for travel, meals and lodging.


Please contact us to discuss your inservice needs, and plan the event. (Phone: 360.608.1019)




A Group of Middle School and High School Coaches in Killeen, Texas.

Videos from Inservices


A short video clip from the Everett Inservice on February 6, 2012. This is a LOW ORGANIZED WARM-UP GAME named “WALKING TAG”

Quotes by Administrators

“As an administrator, I can tell you that this In-Service is in my “Top Three” for (1) Usability (2) Sustainability and (3) FUN! My teachers loved it, and still use many of the games and classroom management ideas you taught. It is a year and a half after the In-Service, and teachers are still using what they learned.  Phenomenal!” Teresa Groom, Saints Peter and Paul School, Grangeville, ID  

“FUN GUY PE workshops have proved to be incredibly beneficial to the professional development of Puyallup School District fitness teachers while also contributing to the elementary physical education success we have experienced. I have attended many workshops, seminars and training sessions over my 37 years in education and I am amazed with the amount of information our teachers take away from Dennis Stands workshops. We have scheduled FUN GUY PE workshops for three consecutive years …and I have never ceased to be amazed with how Dennis utilizes a never ending selection of fitness games and group activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun. Mr. Stands makes available published booklets and DVD’s that continue to guide teachers well after he leaves. I recommend this program to everyone I know!” Rick Wells, MA Ed., CMAA
PSD Director of Health, Fitness & Athletics, Puyallup, WA

“Over the past two years the Everett Public Schools has invited Dennis to provide training for the PE teachers at our elementary, middle and high schools. Dennis’s fun style and creative activities engage the teachers. The teachers report having a great time and they always leave with a few new things that they can incorporate when they get back to their students. We look forward to bringing Dennis back regularly”. Robert Polk,Director of Athletics and Activities, Everett Public Schools, Everett, WA
Our Professional Development Day with Dennis Stands was GREAT! Dennis is an excellent presenter, highly organized with clear instructions. Our day was filled with a wide variety of activities that were fun, high energy, and kept us moving. He brought equipment that was affordable, and showed us how to make some inexpensive items for PE. My teachers, who have taught PE for years, loved this Inservice. Nick Gelbard, Principal, Nestucca Valley Elementary School, Cloverdale, Oregon

As a general faculty development conference, Partnerships in Education has benefited from the presentations of Dennis and Kelly in five different years. Their presentations speak directly to the classroom teacher with innovative activities that range from warm ups to group games and skills instruction. Their ideas for low cost equipment are especially helpful in these days of short budgets for schools. Our teacher attendees at the conference are delighted with the information and always beg to have the TwoPEguys back again next conference! Unfailingly positive, Dennis and Kelly provide alternatives to the “usual” and energize teachers for whom physical education teaching is not their “field.” Dr. Linda Lofaro Coursey, Co-Chair, Partnerships in Education

Creative Science School students have enjoyed a great Physical Education program this year thanks to Two P.E. Guys.  Dennis and Kelly came in on one of  our professional development days before this school year started and got our staff ready and motivated to teach their students this excellent curriculum.  Without a P.E. specialist in our school the Two P.E. Guys brought the kids a program they love and deserve.  Thanks, Jay Spassov, Principal, Creative Science School, Portland, OR.

To: Whom it May Concern
From: Mike Mills
Re: Two P.E. Guy’s

On August 27, 2009 we had the pleasure of having Dr. Kelly Rankin and Dennis Stands a.k.a. “Two P.E. Guys” here in Imbler for a K-12 staff in-service. Our goal was to focus on Team Cohesiveness as a small school staff and what better way to do it with games and activities. Our staff was a little apprehensive at first, but after our first activity, our entire staff was “all in”. Under the direction of Kelly and Dennis, our staff was put through a number of games, activities, and dances that developed the following:
Team Work
Individual Skills
Self Confidence
Self Worth
Ability to Encourage Others
Fun, Fun, Fun
My only complaint is that the end of our day came way to soon. Our staff had a great time and everyone felt that the entire day was well worth it, including our Math, English, and Science teachers. Also, our elementary staff, as well as our Jr/Sr High School P.E. teachers’ got a wealth of new ideas. In fact, our student council used some of the ideas during our Homecoming challenges.

Needless to say, our goal was accomplished and our close staff is now even closer thanks to Dennis and Kelly. I would highly recommend “Two P.E. Guys” to any school district that would be interested in boosting their cohesiveness amongst staff members. It was well worth it! Sincerely, Mike Mills
K-12 Principal/Athletic Director, Imbler Schools

The Staff Development that you gave here at Midland Independent School District was fantastic. As you know many districts throughout the nation are facing large class sizes just like we are here in Midland, Texas, making it hard for my teachers to think outside the box. When I presented my problem to you all, the response was “not a problem” we will change your teachers’ point-of-views! YOU DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU PROMISED, with the material, activities, and your positiveness you both motivated my teachers to try new and creative activities in their PE classes. The amazing thing is that even a semester later they are still using and talking about all the ideas, the input, and the knowledge they gained from your combined experience that was presented during the staff training session. Thank you both for caring about the quality of education of our children throughout the nation. You guys are great, and my teachers loved all the knowledge you gave them. Thanks for coming, and I know that your future workshops will continue to promote healthily lifestyles for students all over this land. I hope that other school districts will utilize your knowledge to train their teachers, because I know that their teachers will only benefit from your presentation. My teachers did, and as a coordinator for the district I don’t often get to say those words. Thank you for accepting my offer to come to Midland, Texas. (Gwen Smith, PEP Grant Coordinator, Midland Independent School District)

As I oversee our health and fitness program, for the district, it was very gratifying to see our elementary and middle school fitness staff members participate so willingly in our “Two PE Guys” one-day workshop. It was fun to see adults, including myself, transformed into invigorated children as we tried on the variety of activities presented by these two exceptional gentlemen. The information is sound, practical and can be incorporated the next day as teachers get back in their gymnasiums with students. I heard from several of my staff that said, “This is the best workshop I have ever attended.” I agree! (Greg Erickson, Athletic Director Marysville School District)

“The variety of activites and enthusiasm for teaching during just a half day workshop with the TwoPE Guys had an immediate impact in PE classes throughout our K-12 district. We would love more time with Kelly and Dennis!! (Lynette Zuercher, Portland Public Schools, PE Curriculum TOSA)

“I will never view PE as an extra-curricular activity again, but more as a necessary component to excellent learning.  Every administrator should attend.” (Carol Sanders, Principal, Oregon City Sch. Dist.)

The experience with the Two PE Guys was full of fun, laughter and knowledge.  It had been so long since we got to play as children.  What made our experience even more special, was that for the first time we got to experience all of this with the three neighboring school districts, a community recreation program and a city agency.  We laughed at our successes and our struggles, and came away with new friends. You guys are awesome! (Lori Poppe, PEP Grant Program Director, Springfield, Oregon)

The workshop provided a variety of fun and innovative activities for large groups with limited space. The Two PE Guys were fun, energetic, and provided a high quality session for both elementary and secondary physical education teachers. (John P. Bucey, CMAA, Corpus Christi ISD – Office of Athletics)

“Another great week filled with fun, cooperative activities that anyone could take immediately back to school and teach students and staff!  The folk dancing was a great highlight to the Beyond Games and Gimmicks class.  Kelly and Dennis are masters at keeping you engaged, laughing and learning even in a hot gym!

As an administrator, I’ve used the cooperative activities at recesses and have decreased my lunch referral rates due to conflicts in competitive games.  I’ve also used the activities to raise staff morale, build community among teaching teams and improve school climate.  It is time to take the Two PE Guys to the next level—a course for administrators.” (Carol Sanders, Principal, Oregon City Sch. Dist.)

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