Fees and Credits


Registration fee is $415, and includes our Instructional book and DVD. Additional fees are as follows:

Washington (30 Clock Hours)- $60
Oregon (30 PDU)- No Fee
Seattle Pacific University (3 Quarter Hour)- $135

Class information

 is a graduate level class, and may be taken for PE or EDUC credits through Seattle Pacific University.


The $415 registration fee is due by the first day of class, payable by credit card , school or personal check, or school district  purchase order, to: Fun P.E. Guy. Phone 360-607-6621 if you wish to pay early by phone using a credit card.

University, or ESD fees may be paid with a credit card,  personal, or school check separately from the Registration Fee. Forms will be given to you at the class to be filled out for University credits, or ESD clock hours.

 The FEES, CRN#’S and COURSE #’s for SUMMER CLASSES are posted  at the bottom of the CLASSES Page.


A Sports Skill Activity, and is a Basketball Shooting Game named “MAKE IT & TAKE IT” (BELOW)


A Large Group Game called “KNOCK ‘EM DOWN, SET UP UP”(BELOW)


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